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HYBRID LIVE STREAMING is a unique way of live streaming that combines both online and offline elements to create an entirely new experience. It provides real-time engagement that enables people who are far away to feel like they are actually there, which enhances the value of events and seminars.

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Why Hybrid Event?

1. Access to a wide range of participants:

Hybrid events can attract both online and offline attendees, giving you access to a larger audience.​

2. Cost reduction:

By incorporating online elements, you can cut costs on venue rental, travel expenses, and accommodations.

3. Environmental sustainability:

By reducing transportation and logistics, hybrid events can help reduce your environmental impact.

4. Removing time and location constraints:

With online components, participants can join from home or the office and be more flexible with their schedule.

5. Improved interactivity:

Hybrid events allow both online and offline participants to participate in real-time, providing a more interactive experience.

6. Increased participant engagement:

Interactive experiences and real-time participation can help increase engagement among attendees.

7. Easy content sharing:

Online components make it easy to share presentations and materials.

8. On-demand availability:

With online components, you can record and make content available for later viewing.

9. Strengthened sponsor relationships:

With both online and offline participants, sponsors can appeal to a wider range of attendees, strengthening their relationship with you.

10. Improved ROI:

Hybrid events have the potential to increase ROI by reducing costs, increasing attendance, and improving engagement.



To create innovation and improve the whole world by transcending place and time and sharing with people who have never been reached before.


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AT Creations helps individuals and companies both big and small take their webinars to the next level.

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